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Tel Aviv Desigers

We are ■ square ■ urban legends

We bring our personal experience and love

for the city of tel aviv

through our designs.

what's your favorite spot in #telaviv?

Our names Gali and Moran - graduates of industrial design at Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, class of 2013.
We are designers that operate in the world of local design, each working in slightly different fields. We recently united forces in order to fulfill our passion to represent our reflection upon urban living through art & illustration.
SQUARE investigates the personal and human experience within the urban environment.
Our desire is to share small and big stories, in a way which will cross boundaries. To overcome limitations of language and geographical location, we utilize a visual language. 
The first story we chose to illustrate evolves around Tel Aviv, to which we immigrated and got to know inside out over the years. We embroidered our experiences from the city and its symbols into a visual language, which translates to building blocks. We implement it on a variety of items, that range from accessories to memorabilia.

Abstract Pattern 26

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