Bialik Sq. Temporary Tattoos Set

Bialik Sq. Temporary Tattoos Set


Get 'inked' with no regrets with this set of temporary tattoos!

Package size: 10x15 cm

Super easy to apply with a few simple steps:

  • Cut out the design you wish to apply
  • Remove the clear plastic layer (do not touch the printed layer)
  • Choose a spot on your skin and place the design on it, face down (the tattoos last the longest on areas that don't stretch or wrinkle too much).
  • Gently pat the back of the design with water and apply light pressure.
  • Remove the paper and voilà! you've got a piece of Tel Aviv on you!


*Depending on the location on the body, our temporary tattoos can last up to a week!

*If you wish to remove the tattoo, rub a little oil of any kind onto it and it will come of right away. We recommend coconut oil!