These portraits were specially created during Tel Aviv illustration week in collaboration with Abraham hostel.

A glimpse into the lives of four 'Abraham hostel' employees; three refugees and one immigrant, who share their story of arriving to Israel and their experiences of living here. Their stories are embodied in portraits that are based on the interviews we had with them. the goal of this project is to allow the refugees, even if for a brief moment, to feel like "superstars",  while they expose the tough journey they took and continue to endure in their daily life.



Age: 28 

Place of birth: Eritrea 

Place of residency: Jerusalem 


The meaning of her name in Tigrinya is "freedom".

With the service in the Eritrean army being mandatory, she left home at 22 for a faraway military school, where she stayed for a whole year.

Together with 65 strangers, she embarked on her way towards Israel. only 39 people survived the journey.

Her husband arrived in Israel 8 months before her. 

Her son finds it difficult to understand why he can't visit his grandparents like the Israeli kids from kindergarten. 

Loves Jerusalem and its cold climate. She feels like in Jerusalem the refugees are less stared at on the street since there are considerably fewer of them who live there.

Her favorite color is black ("black like my son, not like me").

If the situation in Eritrea was calmer, she would have liked to return home.


limited edition 1/20. Each poster is signed by hand.

Digital print  (300g/m2).