These portraits were specially created during Tel Aviv illustration week in collaboration with Abraham hostel.

A glimpse into the lives of four 'Abraham hostel' employees; three refugees and one immigrant, who share their story of arriving to Israel and their experiences of living here. Their stories are embodied in portraits that are based on the interviews we had with them. the goal of this project is to allow the refugees, even if for a brief moment, to feel like "superstars",  while they expose the tough journey they took and continue to endure in their daily life.



Age: 24 

Place of birth: Ethiopia 

Place of residency: Nevaseret tzion


Moved to Israel following her husband, whom she knows since their childhood in Gondor, Ethiopia. her husband's mother is the one that directed them into marrying each other. 

She is Christian and her husband is Jewish who made aliyah 9 years ago. 

They live together in a rented apartment in Mevaseret tzion. he works in a bakery in Jerusalem.’ She knew Jerusalem only from photos and always wanted to see the city in real life. 

She likes hummus in a pitta bread, which doesn't exist in Ethiopia.

Her urban surroundings remind her a little of Addis Ababa, but In general, she doesn't find much resemblance between Israel and Ethiopia.

She finds a connection to home through clothing and grocery stores of Ethiopian products in Mahane Yehuda Market.

She's currently learning Hebrew in a 'ulpan', and wishes to speak it better. 

She doesn't have kids yet, so she as more free time and it allows her to also work on weekends.


limited edition 1/20. Each poster is signed by hand.

Digital print  (300g/m2).